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What people are saying about READ to RISE

“What an incredible experience. For some of these kids, it will be the first book they’ve EVER owned. The joy on some of their faces… no words. A very BIG thank you to READ to RISE for their fantastic work you do with our young generation.                                                                 Renee Palmer, Old Mutual Foundation



“I was moved to do some volunteer work with ‪READ to RISE and the experience has left me in awe of this organisation and the little people whom they reach."                    Ursula Chikane, TV presenter & radio host



“Thank you Read to Rise for all our Oaky and the Sun books. We appreciate it. Please continue the great work that you are doing!”                                                              Teacher, Littlewood Primary School, Mitchells Plain



“There is an immense change in my grade 2 learners. They are more energetic and eager to read. It seems their understanding has also peaked due to the books they have received. Thank you Read to Rise.”                                                                                                             Grade 2 Teacher, Mitchells Plain



“We would like to thank READ to RISE for the donation of Mini-Libraries to our Grade 2 learners. Many of our learners come from areas where libraries are non-existent. To feed a child with words is empowering them with a skill for life.”                                                                               Ridgeville Primary School Principal



“Thank you once again for the mini-libraries and Oaky and the Sun books. My kids have been enthusiastically using the mini-library!”                             Grade 2 Teacher, Imperial Primary School, Mitchells Plain




“… when I asked her which was her favourite book, she said Oaky and the Sun...and when I said why ...  she said: because you can grow anytime you want!”                                                                                   Parent



 "the day my child came home with one of these books, he was so excited. He asked me to read to him, which was something new. What came as the biggest shock was when I finished the story he asked me questions and then explained the story to me in detail. I didn't realise that a book could bring so much joy to a child."                                                                                                                                                             J.Phillips, a parent

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