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What is the READ to RISE @Home Programme?

A fun programme to inspire children to read at home.

Children will be a member of the Oaky Book Club for a year.  Every term, the member will receive an Oaky story book,  and Oaky activity book. Members will receive a complimentary Welcome Pack with Oaky bag, membership certificate and membership card.



READ to RISE will inspire children at home through the parent through our @Home Sessions via phone call, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Email. The READ to RISE @Home 25 minute session will take place every term, after the child has received their Oaky story book and Oaky activity book.

Who can apply to the READ to RISE @Home Programme?
Below are the requirements:
  • Parents and children (aged 7-9) must live in the following areas:

    • Cape Flats

    • Soweto

  • Household must have access to a phone or other form of communication such as Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, etc.

  • Households with more than one child aged 8-9 years old may apply

What is an @Home Session?
A READ to RISE @Home Session is a 25 minute session conducted by a READ to RISE facilitator via phone/Skype and include the following lessons, reading of a story and discussing the story.
Why apply for the READ to RISE @Home Programme?

  • No cost you you
  • Your child will be an OAKY Book Club member for a year and receive 4 OAKY story books and 4 OAKY activity books per year
  • Your child will also receive a complimentary Welcome Pack with OAKY bag, membership certificate and card
  • You and your child/children will get to take part in a fun READ to RISE @Home Session, once a term
  • You will receive our free newsletter including reading tips and advice
When will I hear if my application was successful?

We currently only have a limited number of places available due to limited funding. Applications for 2021 are due by 28 February 2021. If you do not hear from us by end of March 2021, your application was unfortunately unsuccessful. You are welcome to apply again in 2022.
How do I apply for the READ to RISE @Home Programme?



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