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Visit to Mitchells Plain Primary School No. 1 on 31 October 2013

READ to RISE visited the Grade 2 and 3 learners at Mitchells Plain Primary School No. 1 in Westridge, Mitchells Plain. Our team of volunteer readers included Mike, Mark, Kevin, Aaron, Nicholas, Junita, Roscoe and Taryn. This visit was very special because the READ to RISE Chairman, Athol Williams, had attended this primary school. Nicholas, Junita, Roscoe and Aaron are also ex-learners of the school. So wonderful that these ex-learners come back to do something good for their old school.

Left to right: Mike Kendrick, Kevin Wildschut, Junita Williams, Nicholas Williams, Mark Christian, Celeste Christian, Aaron Tejada (Programme Marketing Assistant) and Roscoe Williams (Programme Manager).

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