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Visit to Thaba-Tshehlo Primary School in Naledi, Soweto on 5 August 2015

On Wednesday 5 August 2015, the JHB READ to RISE team went to Thaba-Tshehlo Primary School in Naledi, Soweto and distributed 83 OAKY AND THE SUN books to Grade 3 learners as well as two mini-libraries with 50 brand new story books each.

1 mini-library and 43 books was sponsored by Elizabeth and 1 mini-library and 40 OAKY books was sponsored in memory of Ashokbhai Patel by family members.


Thank you to the sponsors who joined the school visit to read to the young learners.

What an incredible visit! We were greeted by the ENTIRE school and a choir of children sang us a special Read to Rise song!


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